Owner Records His Naughty Horses Performing Harlem Shake

Over a century, music is developed to an incredible extent, a lot of different genres and different styles of music have been created during this time. Every five years, you can spot a really huge difference in music which has become an inspiration for the creation of a lot of dances as well. Music and dance are strongly connected to each other, it is difficult to imagine huge concerts without choreographies to the songs that are being performed.

So far, there are thousands of different dances created that have made a certain song popular. Let’s take Gangnam Style, for instance, it became a massive hit because of its distinctive dance that people got obsessed with. The song was in Korean, meaning that the majority of the listeners did not even understand the words but it was the music that made it so distinctive.

It goes the same for popular songs like Macarena, Watch me, etc. An even better example is the one that we have in the video below with the massive hit song ‘Harlem Shake’. It does not even have lyrics yet, it became so popular and now you can find a hundred of thousands of people who did it.

However, I guarantee that this one is even more peculiar than the others. Let me introduce you to a horse version of Harlem Shake. All of these horses are relaxed and enjoy their time for rest. Their beautiful movements are natural and they are loving every second of their mutual dance.

It is in their spirit to search for freedom and that’s why they love this moment- they are free to do whatever they want, so they literally dance! You’ll laugh a lot at the horse that is rolling on the ground, he looks adorable and will put a smile on your face for sure. I really do believe that they understood the concept of Harlem Shake.

I would never think that someone would record a horse version of this and I am really glad that he did because this is definitely special. Please have a look and share your thoughts on this unique version of Harlem Shake.