Brave Ponies Protect The Couple From A Wild Boar

By far, we have seen a lot of beautiful friendships of horses with other animals, even with the ones that we would never expect to see them. It is nothing you when you see a horse and a dog together in the barn spending a lot of time together as it is one of the most popular combinations of pet animals that you can find, however, it is absolutely shocking when you think about the fact that there are horses out there who live together with seals and that do not even know anything about human existence.

Not only seals but with several animals as well that you would never think of it. After all, this is a really beautiful side of the animal world, getting to see such friendships and that no matter how different two animals can be from each other, they can still find the common language with each other and spend a really great time together.

Not only that but spending this much time together really affects their behavior as well, one might end up doing the same activities or eating the same food that the other does. The opposite can happen as well. Two animals will never get along with each other and of course, that’s what you would expect from a wild boar and two ponies. You can see the two ponies in the field at the beginning of the video chasing after the wild boar.

Well, the wild boar initially came close to a French couple and then the duo of ponies started chasing after him. Let’s see in detail what actually happened. The video is about a boar looking so distressed as it tries to go to the other side of the fence! A thing that frightens the couple is that the boar was going in the direction of the camera, although it just wanted to escape.

The man seems to notice that something dangerous is coming their way and when they move and the camera shakes we can hear the sound of the hooves approaching. The ponies came to ‘help’, but more than them wanting to save the French couple from the wild boar, it really looks like they are really curious about the new animal who arrived near their house. Well, it is uncertain whether they tried to send him out of the place or they simply wanted to play with him? Let us know what you think after you have watched the video.