Rider Gets A Lesson By Doing An Emergency Dismount Off Her Horse

Every horse rider, especially the amateur riders face difficulty dismounting from a horse. We always hear stories from people who can’t properly get off their horse and therefore they end up hurting themselves. Experts say that for some people, just the idea of the horse possibly “acting up” can create fear and make them lose control whilst for others, it might not happen until after their horse has plunged, reared, or spooked. 

The most important factor in these kinds of situations is your fear and your capability to manage it. In the video below, we are presented with a rider who couldn’t control her new horse and at the edge, ends up falling off him. We think that happened because she got scared and lacked the ability to manage the situation.

At least, she was expecting this thing to happen, so she wasn’t shocked or terrified, instead, she just laughed at the end. She even joked about it by putting the video’s title ironically “how to do an emergency dismount” when in reality she just fell off! We want to encourage all the beginner riders to always be positive, just like the girl in the video.

Every fall is a lesson! Keep in mind that every dismount should be done carefully and, in the beginning, there will be a minimum of discomfort to your horse and yourself. Watch the interesting video posted below, and if you liked what you just saw, please make sure to share it with your friends.