Brave Cowgirl Loses The Reins But She Continues Barrel Racing

As we all know barrel racing is one of the most challenging disciplines that require great communication between the rider and his horse. It takes a lot of work to keep the speed of a horse but also your equilibrium at the same time while going around the barrels. When it comes to this discipline it is always important to take into consideration the speed of the horse as well as the rider’s horsemanship skills along with other techniques.

Practice and training are the keys to winning a barrel race, so if anyone is thinking about participating in this sport, they should take the sport very seriously as it is a very intensive sport where the winner is determined in simply a few seconds, so just a minor error can be a deciding factor whether you win or not.

It is utterly incredible how this young rider, as shown in the video posted below, does it so effortlessly, even though she doesn’t have the reins on throughout the whole ride. Barrel racing is difficult even when you have all the equipment, let alone when you lose your reins.

The girl proved she was very professional and if we wouldn’t have watched the video carefully, we probably wouldn’t notice that the reins are missing. Kudos to her and her rider for doing such a great job and preparing her for every difficulty that may happen during the game. The rider deserved all the attention and recognition she got after the video was posted online. Don’t miss the video posted below!