Newborn Foal Takes Its First Steps Out With Its Mother

If your mare is expecting a foal, you will definitely be very excited, maybe a little worried about how to take care of the new ponies. The good news is that if you have a healthy mare and a clean, spacious environment, you don’t have to do much. Your mare should be able to give birth and take care of your baby smoothly without too much interference from you. Nevertheless, it is wise to be prepared for all possibilities.


Once the new foal breathes for the first time, it will be instructed to transition from a dependent fetus to an independent foal. Its legs will begin to move before it has fully delivered, and it should be able to get up to drink milk about an hour after birth. Most horses are born without problems. Maybe you wake up one morning to find a beautiful new foal in your stable or ranch. If it is present at birth, you may not need to do much. Just keep an eye on him from outside or from a pasture a few feet away. Only step in when things seem very bad.


The day after the foal is born, your vet should visit it for some blood tests and a thorough examination. This early check allows your vet to correct any abnormal conditions that may interfere with important functions such as breathing and swallowing. Dealing with these things right away can prevent various complications, stunting, and even death. In a few weeks, your foal will start eating grass, hay, and cereals. Be sure to provide high-quality hay and nutritious feed to promote good mother milk production and foal growth. Talk to your vet to see if vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended.

The first month after your little pony is born should be a happy time to play and learn about the world around him. This is the time to meet the newcomer and make sure they have a strong, healthy start in the world. Take a look at the video where a foal takes its first step. Feel free to share the video with your friends and family!