6 Most Beautiful Black Horse Breeds In The World

The black horse breed always has a mysterious atmosphere. They are the objects of human admiration and the subjects of countless legends, books, and movies. The most common dark horse breeds are the Friesian, Percheron, Wild Pony, Murgese, and Merens. The most famous dark horse in history is Alexander the Great’s Mabu Cephales.

The interesting thing is that the pure black horse is won with a lot of effort. Very deep bays and browns are often mistaken for black. These “fake black” horses only show their true colors when the light illuminates them at a certain angle. Although dark horses are relatively rare, the following are common dark horse breeds with interesting information about each breed.


Here are 6 beautiful dark horses:


Friesian Horse

These horses are also called black Belgian horses, black as midnight. Except for the little white star on the forehead, any white markings on this breed are undesirable. Frisians are muscular and graceful, kneeling gracefully. They have long, flowing manes and tails, and stand between 14.2 and 17 hands.

This impressive dark horse breed can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In this era, the Frisians are popular warhorses not only in their home country but throughout Europe. In history, these horses also pulled carriages to work in the farmland. Agricultural mechanization caused a sharp decline in the population of Friesland.

Fortunately, these populations recovered after World War II. Included in our list of the most expensive horse breeds, modern Friesian horse breeds are ideal for dressage and carriage driving. Its lighter version, Friesian Sports Horse, is specially bred for FEI level competitions. Because of their striking color and appearance, members of the breed often appear in movies, particularly in history- and fantasy-related productions.



Fell Pony


Fell Pony is almost completely black and has lived in the British wilderness since ancient times. His silky black fur and flowing long mane attracted not only British audiences but also members of the royal family. Although black is by far the most common color of this breed, Fell ponies can also be brown, tan, and gray.

Its average height is 13.2 lots, but it can reach up to 14 lots. The swamp should exhibit strong pony-like characteristics and have full, flowing manes, tails, and feathers.  This breed is closely related to the Dale Pony, and it has a common ancestor, the now extinct Galloway pony.

Since the Viking era, Fell ponies have served as workhorses, engaged in agricultural work, and are known for trekking long distances under their saddles. Due to the harshness of their homes, these ponies are very tough, strong, and safe. Today, Fell ponies are used for various horse riding and horse riding activities, as well as for therapeutic purposes.

The Fell Pony Society was established in 1918 to preserve and protect this endangered species. The association is sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who occasionally rides Fell Ponies.


Dales Pony 


Another elegant dark horse breed, the Dale Pony is known for its intelligence, strength, and endurance. Like their close relative Fell Pony, the ancestors of Dales Ponies lived in the mountains of northern England for thousands of years. Black coat color dominates the Dale pony breed, but bay pony, brown pony, gray pony, and pony can also be recorded.

This breed does not accept excessive white markings. The Dale Pony is between 14 and 14.2 hands tall and should show a short, muscular body with abundant long hair. The history of the modern Dales Pony is intertwined with the LED mining industry in the Yorkshire Dales area.

Its pedigree includes many native British breeds, including the Scottish Galloway pony and the famous Dali Arabian sire. The Dales was originally a work pony and performed well under saddle and harness. Due to their calm temperament and gentle nature, these ponies are very suitable for children and beginners.

The Valley Pony is also one of the rarest horse breeds in the world, with fewer than 5,000 registered ponies worldwide. A few wild ponies still live in their natural habitat, Pennine Hills.


Murgese Horse


This striking breed of dark horses descends from the Neapolitan, Arabian, and Barb bloodlines. Murgese is known for its cold resistance and versatility as a horseback riding and light horse. Murgese horses are almost always black, but dark horses can also appear.

They are tall and sporty, with a height range of 14.3 to 16.2 hands. This breed also has a characteristic profile and a well-known hard hoof. Modern Murgese originated in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century and is more refined than its previous version.

The ancestors of this breed have influenced several European horse breeds, including Lipizzaner, Frederiksborg, and Cladruber. The Murgese has impeccable manners, even a stud is easy to control. Their main purpose is cross country riding, but in some areas of Italy, they still work on farms or are used as light horses.


Mérens Horse


The Meren horse, always black, is a breed of French mountain horse native to the Ariéchowa region. They are versatile riders, especially talented in the off-road riding due to their excellent stamina and steady pace. The Mérens foals may be lighter in color at birth, but their coat has always matured to black for many years.

The breed is divided into two types: the shortest mountain horse type and the taller sport horse type. Its height is usually between 14.1 and 15.1 hands. The origin of the Meren horse is unknown. Its roots go back to prehistory and can be related to Iberian horses or oriental horses.

What we do know is that the appearance and quality of Mérens horses are largely determined by their harsh natural habitat, the Ariégeois Mountains. The official breed registry office was established in 1933. Since the Melen horse was endangered in the second half of the 20th century, breeders and enthusiasts have worked hard to protect and promote this unique breed.

Historically, Mérens Horses worked as a farm and workhorse and even served in the light cavalry. The role of this species later moved to entertainment and tourism. Mérens horses are also used by the Mounted Police and the Therapeutic Riding Center.


Percheron Horse


Although Percherons are usually black, gray is also a common color for this species. Their height varies greatly from 15.1 to 18.1 hands. Although they are large and muscular, Percherons are well known to be easy to take care of. The name of the medieval horse breed comes from the province of Perche in western France, where it was first developed.

Thanks to the addition of Arab ancestry in the 18th and 19th centuries, the breed gained extra refinement and endurance. Similar to other breeds of horses, the number of war horses declined rapidly after World War II. Fortunately, the breed has recovered and is now very popular in the United States and France.

Among the largest horses in history, Percheron is still used for agricultural and forestry work, as well as horse riding and driving. Their passionate crosses constitute excellent competition and mount police horses.


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