Teenage Girl Puts Her Life At Risk To Save 25 Horses In Danger

When we are young, we all have our idols and ‘heroes’ that we look up to. They have such a huge impact on our lives and sometimes, their mark can be very strong even when we grow up, the only thing that changes is the way we interpret things. As young people, we don’t get to understand the importance of these real-life heroes, but when we grow up, we sure do. The heroes that I am referring to are healthcare workers, doctors, police people, emergency workers, and every other profession that makes a huge positive change in the world.

On the other hand, there are other people who do not have a certain profession but they give their contribution to different causes and life-risking situations and one of these people is this teen girl right here. It is crazy to think that these young people have such a huge impact that no one would think of. I am still very surprised and at the same time, touched by this story. Fifteen-year-old Madison Wallraf was driving to the stables with her family to go riding when she saw the smoke rising.

Fearing for the life of her horse, Red, she called 911 and ran over to the fire. In addition to saving Red’s life, the brave girl helped evacuate an estimated 25 horses after a stable in McHenry County, Illinois. The 4’10” teen told MSNBC: “I started off by just putting their halters on and pulling them out by twos, but then the fire started getting quicker so I just started wrapping their ropes around their necks and just tying them around my arms and pulling them out.”

Although her stepfather pleaded with her not to go into the stable, Madison rushed in to remove the horses as the ceiling of the stable was falling down. Now that’s what I call a hero and I am really happy that nothing serious happened to her. She took a very brave move and the only thing that I can wish her is the absolute best. Please have a look at the video below and let us know what you think.