Young Rider Shows Off The Bond She Has With Her Horse

Who says you have to be an adult to be a good horse trainer? Young Jonna’s father is a rider and she has been around horses for years. In this video, young girl works with a horse and does it beautifully. She has excellent control of the horse, requiring it to perform a number of actions, which she does willingly.

We love that she wears a helmet and remains compassionate and peaceful throughout the protest.
Jonna shows good behavior when training her horse. The training is done with delicacy and we feel that this horse wants to please. Confidence in her young conductor is evident, and while he can easily get up and walk away, he never makes any effort to do so. Instead, he stays alert and watches the next signal Jonna gives him. It is a fine example of a strong relationship between horse and handler.

When working around a prone horse, it is important to remember that horses can get up relatively quickly. Keep an eye on your horse and stay out of reach of its hooves if it starts to move suddenly. Always watch your horse for signs that he is becoming uncomfortable. Horses can quickly decide they need to get up and you’ll need to protect yourself if your horse decides he’s had enough.

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