Naught Pony Decides To Dunk Little Rider In The Mud

One beautiful day, a few girls were enjoying an afternoon ride together with their best horse friends. Everything was going perfectly well until a horse gets over-excited about a puddle muddle in front of them. The youngest among them gets thrown in the mud because her little pony felt like sitting in the mud.

It is actually funny how it is very exciting for all the horses to get dirty in the mud. I remember one story of an owner who washed more than 5 horses but a few hours later they were very excited about the muddy puddle and did not even care about the efforts that their owner had put to clean them.

There is also another video where the human pleases his horse and joins him in the mud shower as well. It was one of the funniest videos ever. Do your horses like mud as much as this funny pony does? Well, only horse people know this feeling. It happens many times that you perfectly wash and clean your horse but it ends up in the mud a couple of minutes later.

In the following video, you are going to watch a cute little girl who was riding a white horse named Lightning that abruptly decided to stop. He then got down and rolled around in the mud, but he forgot that the adorable girl was still on him. She was thrown from her pony but luckily wasn’t harmed just a little bit dirty. She got a good laugh out of the incident and wasn’t even upset about getting all dirty.

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