Bear Opens Door To Police Facility And Walks Around Inside

In the video that seems too incredible to be true, a giant black bear calmly walks into a California police station, as if it owns the house. The moment was captured by surveillance cameras and it is definitely something you won’t see every day!

It was a normal day at the California Highway Patrol officers’ office near Lake Tahoe when they found themselves in a situation they never thought would happen. While they are used to walking through the door of all kinds of people, they were all in disbelief when they woke up to a bear in the room.

The short video shows the huge bear entering the facility on its hind legs after casually opening the door. The unlikely visitor gazes at two machines by the front door for a few moments, then continues his investigation through the office.

But the rude bear leaves the building as fast as he enters. Seconds after the camera caught him entering, the beast finds its way out as two policemen chase him. Then he got lost in the parking lot before entering the forest. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. In addition, the agents mocked the situation.

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