Horseman Interacts With His Horses Without Using A Rope And Halter

Horsemen have done incredible things and tremendous work for the equine world, they still keep doing, and we as horse lovers/owners are grateful for them. That is the case in the following video. The name of the trainer presented in the video is Jean Francois Pignon and he grew up in France where he had his 1st contact with a mare named Gazelle. Ever since he meet that lovely mare, he had a special connection with that mare, and it is due to her that he became a horse lover and worked so hard just so he might transform into an incredible horseman.

Along with his brother, he performed in several famous events. This horseman Interacts together with his horses while not even using a rope or halter which is absolutely mesmerizing. In fact, there is no need to use a rope or halter when you manage to build the bond and trust with your horses. The connection between the horse and trainer is more important than anything else.

The horseman never stopped his work with horses and that is the main reason why he managed to show his passion for his job. Currently, he is a really gifted trainer, and his performances together with his herd stand out and are pretty famous in the equine world. His performances are simply admired by many horse people around the world and his fans even call him “the horse whisperer”. His love for horses surpasses everything and that we suppose this is often the main reason that affects his productivity.

In the video shown below, you’ll have the chance to observe an out-of-this-world performance of Pignon and his superb herd of horses. The audience was left mesmerized by his ability to communicate with his horses so perfectly. Pignon makes everything look so easy and smooth even though the tricks performed by the horse herd are considered to be pretty difficult. He manages to put all his horses in order while not implementing a rope and halter! Don’t miss the performance within the video below! Take a look at the video and let us know your opinion. Do not forget to spread the video out to your horse-loving friends and family.