Two Circus Lions Step On A Grass For The First Time

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal kept in a cage, let alone a majestic lion. But unfortunately there are still so many circuses in the world, where these magnificent wild cats are forced to live that way. it was all over, after a dedicated team managed to rescue them and offer them the chance to roam freely. The moment when the two lions touch the grass for the first time is simply exciting.

For over eight years, Tarzan and Tanya were forced to lead miserable lives in a Guatemala-based circus. The two huge cats were kept in tiny cages and weren’t treated well for all of these years. Fortunately, Animal Defenders International (ADI) – a global animal welfare group – got their story and rushed to save them.

Although these giants are generally fearless, both were so scared and confused when Jan and Tim, the president and vice president of ADI, went to save them. They had endured a very hard and sad life that left scars deep in their hearts, and even on their bodies. And these show just how neglected these adorable creatures were.

Fortunately, after a lot of years of sad living, Tanya and Tarzan were finally taken to a rehab center, before being taken to their new home, a sanctuary in South Africa. Once there, the two had the chance to walk on the grass for the first time and it was a beautiful moment to behold.