Horse Gathers His Strength And Delivers An Extreme Jump

Just when horse lovers think that they have seen it all in the horse world, horses prove to us that we were wrong and show us a different aspect of themselves that we didn’t know about. Below we are going to show an unbelievable horse who made an extraordinary jump and I’m pretty sure that it will leave you speechless with his ability. This is probably one of the most extreme horse jumping you will ever see!

One more time, horses have proven that they are amazing creatures, able to do things we have never done before. For a moment we thought that the horse’s neck will fall off because those jumps were unbelievable. This is not something you should try doing at home. Enjoy the video!

Several people believed that this is abuse and people have abused with him but in case you didn’t know a young horse will tend to exaggerate these jumps because he does not have the measure so do not save yourself you see mistreatment everywhere he seems to have fun rather than to be forced to jump short.

This horse jumps naturally, watch how his neck comes off, and follows his jump, the hind legs remain natural and there is no blow to avoid a “thread” for example like a certain person! Watch his ears confident, he is not afraid, this horse is impeccable, no injuries present it’s just a crack! Something tells me that this horse will be a pretty good jumper later even, can be champion, we do not know what the future holds for him! Enjoy the video!