Mama Deer Saves Fawn Frozen In Fear On The Road

This is the adorable moment a deer saves her fawn after it became scared and became stuck in the middle of a road. The protective mother deer eventually persuaded her baby to leave, and they both made their way to the bushes. A driver witnessed the entire incident and even recorded it on video.

Jessie Larson was driving down a road in Port Orchard, Washington, when she came across a tiny fawn. The adorable little thing was lying on the road, unable to move. Jessie initially assumed it had been injured and intended to get out of the car and assist the poor animal. But then she noticed the fawn’s mother and immediately pressed the record button.

The mother deer approached her terrified baby with caution. When the driver spotted the deer, she immediately turned off the car’s engine so the deer wouldn’t be scared away. The loving deer then began to cuddle the befuddled fawn in order to boost its confidence. Soon after, the little one rose to its feet, and the two proceeded to the woods.

“Most likely, the little guy became so scared that he just lay down on the road,” Jessie speculated. “I turned off my car to give them a chance to calm down.” Mama appeared after a few seconds and encouraged the baby to stand and walk.”