Horse Throws Bride Off In The Middle Of Her Photoshoot

The reality shows that girls actually have dreamed about their wedding day since they were tiny, and how lovely they will look in their wedding gown. In fact, they also pay careful attention to the wedding photoshoot and consider every small detail. We all want to appear our best in photos, especially at such a significant occasion. This is definitely a unique moment that everybody wants it to be remembered.

For many years to come, those are the images you’ll share at family gatherings and to your future children! One bride decided to take on all of the other brides and have her fantasy wedding photoshoot. She wanted to be photographed on the beach while riding a horse. We should all agree to the fact that this was a brave decision because animals are unpredictable.

Horses aren’t meant to be mean, but they have the ability to throw people off their backs. The bride gets herself onto the back of a gorgeous horse in the video below, which was shot on a beautiful beach in South Carolina. She does so in an ungainly manner, but she manages to sit comfortably enough.

It’s not the horse’s or the bride’s faults, but the bride had no experience with horses, and the horse was certainly not trained to have anything draped over him. We have to say that you can’t just throw a dress or a tarp on top of a horse that hasn’t been groomed for it. The animal begins to run without notice and then bolts, throwing the poor bride onto the sand.

Thank God both the bride and horse are doing well. Have a look at the following video for more, let us know your comment and spread out the video on social media with your friends and family.