Sassy Mare Hasn’t Been Ridden For Two Months And Gives Rider A Hard Time

One thing that is for sure is the fact that the majority of the people have ridden a horse multiple times during their lives, it has become something normal for them as they have built their lives around horses, however, the first time is always the most remembered one, because of the emotion of trying something that you have never done before, but on the other hand, all the insecurities within us whether should have been we scared or not.

The experience is different but yet memorable. There are also people who tried it once but stopped doing it later on for certain reasons that are not worth discussing as all of you know. Sometimes, you have to stop doing it because your horse is not in its best physical condition or it is suffering from something that prevents it to even walk around, leave alone run or being able to carry the rider in the back.

This is the story of the mare in the video below, as difficult as it is, as beautiful it is also for the fact that she managed to come back stronger than ever and overcome a difficult situation. Let\s see what this is about. ‘This horse has always had a history of bucking, so bucking after not being worked for 2 months was not at all out of the ordinary. I did lunge her beforehand. People commenting saying she looks off, you are right, she needed chiropractic work and a saddle change.

These are things I could not afford at the time, and she was sold to a home that could provide these things for her. So I haven’t ridden Miss Scarlet here in about 2 months. In that time she has been sitting in the pasture looking cute and getting very fat and lazy.’  As you can also tell by the video, Scarlet was very bored by the fact that she stood in the pasture for over two months and the moment when she gets to run around together with her owner is simply amazing.

Similar difficult situations happen constantly but we, as horse owners, should always be there to seek the best out of every single situation and not let horses down, because they do not deserve such a thing. Horses are always there when we need them and it is our moral obligation to do the same with them as well.