Horse Decides To Lick The Farrier While He Tries To File The Horse’s Hoof

Jack, the speckled special needs horse, has no trouble letting his farrier, Al, to operate on his hooves in the video below. In fact, he nudges and licks the farrier with an attitude of pleased gratitude while the guy works to complete his task.

When Al laughs about marrying the friendly horse, his owner narrates from behind the camera: “I adore you, Al, for repairing my feet!”

Every sensible horse owner knows that preserving the health of their animal’s feet is crucial. Foot growth that is out of balance or excessively lengthy may cause the horse’s leg muscles and tendons pain or even fracture, which could compromise the horse’s spinal balance.

If you want to keep your horses’ hooves healthy and free of problems, a recent post on Horses and Horse Information recommends having them shod every six weeks. It is the job of a professional farrier to know exactly what materials to use, what sizes to make, and what shapes to form in order to properly trim and balance a horse’s feet and create shoes that are appropriate for each animal. The condition and shape of each hoof, as well as the horse’s daily activities, all play a role in this decision.

Hoof trimming isn’t painful for a healthy horse; it’s a lot like clipping one’s own toenails. Jack doesn’t seem to mind Al filing and polishing his hooves — in fact, he seems grateful for the pedicure!

Check the video below!