Little Boy Takes Care Of Newborn Belgian Draft Foal

Belgian Draft horses look like they are scary because of their grand physique and their incredible strength. Although they were developed to do all kinds of heavy works nowadays people prefer more to take them on their farms just because they are adorable, well behaved and very easy keepers.

But the truth is that they are one the most peaceful and kind breeds you will ever have the chance to meet. All the people who own a Belgian Draft horse know this side of their character and that’s why they allow their children to stay near them. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the incredible bond between a young, little kind and a giant creature with even a bigger heart to match his physique.

In the video shown below, a little boy goes near a little foal and feeds the baby with a bottle of milk. All the mares have the tendency to become very aggressive when people or other animals go near their babies, that’s why they are also very vigilant and observe everything that goes near their babies.

But in this video, the mare looks very peaceful and knows that the kid only wants to spend time with them and to take care of the cute little foal. Kudos to the owners of these horses for taking such good care of them! Watch the amazing video below and don’t forget to share it with all the Belgian Draft horse lovers that you know. I’m pretty sure it will brighten their day!