Horseman Delivers His Hilarious Technique To Load A Stubborn Horse Into Trailer

The reality shows that every horse has his stubborn moments when he refuses to do even the simplest task required by its owners, so it is safe to say we all have dealt with stubborn horses who didn’t do what we told them to do. In this video, Tristan Tucker, a talented horse trainer, and rider, shows a funny way to load a horse into the trailer, using the TRT method.

This unique training program, invented by Tucker is used all over the world and it is thought to help all horse owners to deal with problems like spookiness, unwanted behavior, fear of certain objects, the tension in training and at competitions, trailer loading and many more problems horses show in different situations. By using the TRT method, Tucker guarantees you that he will rewrite your horse’s story and make him more confident and calm than he has ever been before.

This method includes free training videos, an online program, and live events hosted by Tristan Tucker. He’s also quite a comedian and he proves it in this video where he demonstrates the “right way” to load a stubborn horse into the trailer. The audience who went to see him live, as it can be seen in the video, was laughing out loud with this hilarious presentation.

Every horse owner who’s ever struggled with this problem found themselves in every word Tucker said. Even though I’m pretty sure that everyone who watched the video already understood, we have to say that this is a funny video and this is not the right way to load a horse into the trailer. Have a look at the following hysterical video and don’t forget to spread it out with your friends on social media.