Young Budweiser Clydesdale Foal Decides To Imitate His Dad

During our lives, particularly once we are at a really young age, we all have role models. Role models are mostly individuals that we watch on TV, our teachers, or our family members. We have a tendency to grow up having them as role models, especially if our passions are the same as the passions of those we constantly follow.

Then, we start working hard to become like these people, if not better when we grow up. Then, we’d become an example for other people in our lives. We think that only humans have role models but in reality, it exists in animals too. They are doing things related to their parents as well and that we clearly have the instance to demonstrate that.

Like father like son, this is what the following video is all about. Our parents might not be perfect, like every different parent out there, however we have a tendency to still love them the means they’re and vice versa. A passion or talent is also hereditary by our parents.

This foal within the video decides to imitate his daddy and so a really extraordinary thing happens and I’m clearly not aiming to spoil it to anyone, I’ll let you watch it by yourself. I am pretty sure that you just will all be stunned by it. Please have a glance at the video below and share your thoughts and feelings within the comment section. Do not forget to spread the video out to your friends and family to make their day too.