Jockey Handles A Spooky Racehorse After Getting Out Of Control

I believe that every person who has ridden a horse at least once in their life knows that it’s in the horses’ nature to get scared even from the most uncommon things and they can never really control or stop that. Even the horses who are said to be ”bombproof” have their moments when they can’t control their fear, and that is the reason horse riders must realize that horses generally spook when they are nervous.

Furthermore, there are different reasons that incite this common response, for example, uncomfortable saddle, physical suffering, and many other things that we may not even know about. Not all horses are as sensitive, irritable, and nervous as others but at some point, they all can become spooky.

Many people believe that one of the main motives why horses get spooky is because they don’t confide in the rider. Whenever they feel that the person who is riding them can’t be trusted, they do everything they can to get the rider off their back. The horse shown in the video below is very frightened, however not on the grounds that he didn’t trust in his rider.

The rider was preparing for the race and everything was as usual but as he was mounting the horse, he got scared out of nowhere. He was frightened by a crab and immediately jumped high into the air. It was a high jump and fortunately, the racer was very professional and he handled the situation perfectly. He proved to everyone how skilled he was by landing on his feet. Watch the video below for more, let us know your opinion, and don’t forget to share the video with your friends and family!