Naughty Wild Stallions Fight For The Attention Of A Mare Nearby

Have you ever witnessed two Konik horses fighting? Everyone was taken aback by a YouTube video that was posted on February 8, 2020. The video shows two Konik horses fighting. Horses are herd animals that fight for leadership and mating purposes in their natural environment. Stallions (dominant males), on the other hand, do not fight to the death, but rather until one of them backs down or flees. Horse fights can be held in rounds or as one-time events. They frequently cause significant injuries or death to the stallions.

Horse fights can last anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours and have been widely condemned for their brutality and violence. “A horse fight is always impressive to watch, as they fight in this video,” the owner of the video ‘Ben film’ said. In a fight, these two horses demonstrate their strength. Horses are herd animals that live in groups. Pecking order is essential for decreasing aggression and increasing group cohesion. This video was shot in the Dutch nature reserve of Oostvaardersplassen.” Mr Ton, an electronic engineer by trade, spends several hours each week observing the herd of 36 horses in order to better understand their behavior.

‘The Koniks were put in a nature reserve and left to fend for themselves,’ he said. The public is advised to keep their distance and not feed them in order for them to remain wild. I go looking for them once a week and have been doing so for over a year.’ I try not to draw their attention so that their behavior in my photographs is as natural as possible.’ ‘The Konik horse is one of the few horse species that can survive in the wild. They’re wild, but they’ve never been hostile to me.’

Horses are predators. Their survival is primarily dependent on running away from danger. They will only fight if they are unable to flee or escape. Their play (practicing their survival skills) is thus made up of games in which they control each other’s movement. As a threat, they will occasionally strike or stomp with a single foot. When the threatening object gets closer, they will frequently use both feet.

Striking, like biting, is a behavior that is frequently observed during play. The fact that horses are striking and biting each other does not imply that they are fighting. Have a look at the following video for more, and let us know your opinion!