Meet The 30 Teeny Tiny Horses That Are Delightfully Cute

We all know that horses are majestic, strong, and huge animals that like to gallop freely on the grass and let the viewer marvel at their elegance. However, if you prefer to admire them from a distance due to their terrible size, we have found a solution to your rather rational fear of miniature horses.

Mini-horses were developed in Europe around the 17th century and were usually kept as pets by nobles. Measured at the withers (the part where the last mane grows from the neck), they grow to 97 cm. They are very friendly to humans and often replace assistance dogs. These minnies are not actually a breed, because some horse breeds may be called miniature horses due to their height, such as Falabella or South African miniature horses.

Because these miniature ponies are too small for even children to ride, you can train them for driving, agility, or just spend their days as family pets and companion animals, and grow into horses just as charming and beautiful as they are. Below we have compiled a list of the hairiest and cutest horses, even the hardest heart can melt. No, these little steeds are not ponies, nor are they foals, they are adult beasts.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a miniature horse as a pet, remember that this is still a horse that needs enough room to graze and can still display natural fighting or flight instincts. Therefore, as with all other types of pets, it is necessary to know the horse’s needs in advance.

1- Oh. My. God. It’s A Baby, Appaloosa, Mini Horse

2- Mini Horse With A Baby

3- Mini Horse Mimi

4- Tiny Horse Or Giant Dog?

5- Just A Mini Horse

6- Mini Horse

7- Little Horse With Teddy Bear

8- Went To A Mini-horse Farm And Ran Into These Two Foals

9- This Is A Tiny Horse

10- My Vet Friend Rescued A Abandoned Baby Mini Horse

11- There’s A Baby Miniature Horse Asleep In My Lap

12- Just A Dwarf Mini Horse

13- Miniature Horse

14- Little And Big Friends

15- Miniature Horse

16- Little Friends

17- Meet Mini Horse

18- Mini Horse With Dog

19- Apparently Mini-mini Horses Are A Thing

20- Tiny Horse Sleeps With His Teddy Bear

21- My Mom’s Mini-horse Got Into The House And Stole A Banana

22- Best Friends

23- Real-life Cute My Little Pony Mr P.

24- Tiny Fuzzy Horse

25- Dwarf Miniature Horse Called Koda

26- Baby Enstein – A Tiny Miniature Horse

27- Mini Horse And Mini Human – So Cute I May Cry

28- Rembrandt And Little Sundance Share The Pedestal

29- A Mini Horse Broke Its Leash And Wandered Into Our Work

30- Mini Horse Nay-bors