For The Second Time, Mare Gives Birth To Healthy Twins

Tania Mackee of GFS Sporthorses was taken aback when Destiny, her mare, gave birth to her second set of twin foals. Destiny shocked the world this February by giving birth to her second set of twins, Pesky and Peakaboo, after giving birth to her first set of twins, GFS Shockwave and GFS Aftershock, in 2018.

Destiny, an Irish Sport Horse, has a 10,000 to one chance of having twins in the first place. However, the mare wasn’t finished defying the odds when she gave birth to her second set of twins.
The chances of a horse having twins twice are about one million to one.

Twins do not have a high survival rate in horses in most cases. In the case of twins, an embryo is frequently aborted because there is a high risk of the foals and mother dying during or shortly after birth. Destiny is truly incredible because she gave birth to healthy twins not once, but twice.
Destiny’s first pair of twins were identical colts, and her second pair consisted of a colt and a filly. The second set was a complete shock, as the scans revealed only one ovulating follicle and one fetus after conception.

Tania would have taken the extra precautions required to handle a pregnant mare with twins if she had known the mare was carrying two foals.
Destiny showed no signs of being pregnant with twins during her pregnancy, so her owners were taken aback when they arrived. Surprisingly, the twins were nursing and standing in no time, eager to explore the world.

Peekaboo and Whoopsie have proven to have a close bond since birth. According to GFS Sporthorses, the pair is agile, athletic, and fast, and they are eager to show off to anyone who watches.

Destiny’s achievement of giving birth to two pairs of healthy twins who are all thriving is truly incredible. Tania does not intend to breed Destiny again, despite the fact that she has proven to be an excellent mother.