Naughty Shetland Pony Scares People By Playing Dead

It is a known fact that horses have many talents and one of the most famous skills they possess is acting. We have seen several horses perform in different tv commercials or movies or even play the main character at their own TV show, like Mr.Ed. Some horses need a lot of training in order to become actors whilst there are some horses who are naturally born to be actors, like the one shown in the video below.

His name is Pinto and he is one of the most adorable shetland ponies around. What makes him so different from all the other horses you may have encountered is the fact that he loves playing dead and is very good at it. I know it seems hard to believe but wait until you’ll see it for yourself in the video shown below!

Pinto is placed on his back with his legs up in the air and everyone assumes he is dead. He is such a good actor that he has managed to fool everyone around him, except his owner, who is used to him because he does this kind of thing all the time.

People who are walking or driving near the farm immediately get alarmed because they think they have seen a dead pony but Pinto is perfectly fine, he just loves scaring people with his funny prank. His owner simply can’t stay mad at him because he is so funny. Make sure to watch the talented actor in the video below!