Rescued Pregnant Mare Meets Her Foal For The First Time

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of creatures in distress. People and organizations around the world, however, do their best to safeguard these species from extinction. Another example is Crossfire Equine Rescue. Horses in need are taken in by this charity. Fancy, a pregnant mare who was one of the horses saved, was one of the rescued.

It was only when Fancy was rescued by Annie’s crew that she became scared of her rescuers. The rescue professionals tried anything they could to acquire Fancy’s trust in order to pacify her and persuade her to trust them. Nothing could be worse than that. Fancy was pregnant the whole time.

Fancy’s story touched the hearts of the Texas Crossfire Horse Rescue Team, who quickly gave up everything to save her. Fancy is one of the horses Annie Shertleff and her crew are credited for rescuing, and she is not alone. Fancy was saved from a butcher auction thanks to Annie and her team, but the mare was terrified of the rescuers. Fancy was calmed to the best of the rescuers’ abilities.

It was a display of their friendship that they slept with him in the barn at night. Fancy became close to the rescues over time as she showed them her tender side via love and devotion.

This gorgeous mare was born shortly after her rescue of the pregnant horse. There were no issues with the delivery. For the first time, Fancy was able to meet her child.

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