Horse Runs Away And Walks Right Into A Police Station

I am pretty sure that neither one of you likes to go to the police station but apparently, the beautiful horse in the video does. He ran away from his house and after he did that, he went to the police station and entered the place. A few moments later, the security man sent him out of the place but the horse was still waiting in front of the building then an officer comes and brings him back in.

Did he go there to greet the police force or to apply for a police horse position? It turns out he just went there to say hi. What is interesting is the fact that he escaped from his house and ended up in front of the police building. I don’t know if he went there all by himself or there was a person who led him to go there. I am pretty sure that it should be the second possibility because it is the most appropriate thing to do in these cases.

Well, I wish something like this never happens to anyone but if it does, let’s hope your horse will be lucky enough to end up in front of the police building. Please watch the video below and share your thoughts on it. If you have interesting or funny stories of horses to tell, feel free to share them with our audience in the comment section. They are much appreciated.