Stray Cat Brings Her Six Little Kittens To Introduce Them To The Kind Woman

Lisianne, a nice woman from Quebec, spotted something near the bushes as she enjoyed a warm day in the park. He wondered and walked over to see what was there. There was a beautiful black cat watching him with his eco-friendly eyes.

The woman understood that she was struggling with hunger and brought her food and water. The next day, when she saw the cat wondering in her yard again, she realized that her favorite site visitor was a stray cat.

Because that day Lisianne was really constantly putting food and water on the porch for the kittens, thus gaining confidence. She calls him Usagi and after a while they become friends. As Usagi’s stomach swelled by the day, the kind woman realized that she was pregnant.

For this his attention is doubled. Black cats give birth in the open, but come daily for food and water. One day, Lisianne was surprised to see Usagi and 6 small children standing on the terrace of her house. The mother cat apparently wants her baby to be aware of the kind female, who has been taking care of herself. Amazing kittens have to deal with 56 weeks. Even though they don’t look bad, they definitely need some help.

Lisianne realized what they expected of her, providing a place to stay. So, she did it right away. The whole family is safe now. Since then, they have obtained a lifelong caring and even loving residence. The kind lady, however, called the rescue team for help.

Volunteers take care of these little creatures. The babies were a little shy and reluctant. But over time, they will of course become much happier and more flattering as well. Please let us know your opinion and do not forget to share this incredible story with your friends and family!