Bison Wants To Befriend With Horses But They Panic

One of the most interesting things about animals is the fact that each of them is different from each other, or that those who share the same characteristics have something that makes them distinctive. Take horses, for example, horse lovers believe that horses are not that different from each other.

Well, there are indeed some stereotypes that unite them as animals, however, there are many factors that make them different from each other. The same goes for other animals, we tend to oversimplify the complexity of their personality. Also, what may seem even stranger to us, are two different animals that get along very well. On the internet, we have seen some really weird combinations that we did not expect. After all, it’s the world of horses, those beautiful and everlasting friendships and I’m definitely here for them.

I mean, would you expect to see a camel and a horse be very close friends? The friendship we are going to talk about is not really a friendship but it could be in the future. In the images below this article, you will see a scene that was recently recorded on a herd of 6-day old horses traveling through Yellowstone. Obviously, the horse and the bison were in a good mood because, as you can see, neither of them appeared to be behaving aggressively.

However, the equestrian community is not very tolerant, although the bison identifies as a horse. Unfortunately, the poor bison found himself among the horses in search of his herd, and these horses refused to accept him. I would feel really bad if I were in the bison’s shoes, on the other hand, you can’t blame the horses because they don’t know the bison and it seems like they just want to protect themselves from it. Well, someone better is making them understand that the bison is not a threat, it really looks like it can lead to a great friendship. Please take a look at the video below and let us know your opinion. Do not forget to spread out the video to your family and friends on social media!