Horse Hilariously Attempts To Greet The Statue Of A Foal

When surfing the web, it is very easy to come across amusing animal videos. There are dozens and dozens of lovely videos that can brighten our days. While we usually see dogs and cats doing amusing things, other animals are frequently seen doing so as well. It is, however, extremely rare to see a horse behave in this manner.

However, in the short and now viral video below, it is a majestic horse who makes everyone laugh with his actions. The stunning black horse appears to be graceful at first glance, so the audience should not expect him to amuse them. But that is exactly what he does.

When the sublime creature notices a tiny foal and decides to approach it, he is graciously walking next to a girl who is handling him. The horse, however, is unaware that it is merely a statue. In any case, he’s probably just curious and wants to say ‘hi.’ Unfortunately, the horse’s polite gesture is not rewarded, but he discovers it the hard way.

Check the video below!