Large Draft Horse With Overgrown Hooves Gets Trimmed By Farrier

The reality shows that there are two types of people in the equine world. The first group is made up of people who are completely dedicated to it and their life is totally dependent on horses. However, on the other hand, there is another type of people including horses lovers. Horse lovers usually are dedicated to horses only during their spare time, however, their professions in life have nothing to do with the equine world.

Either way, the most important thing is the fact that both categories are in love with horses and passionate about the equestrian sport. You don’t necessarily have to get involved in one thing and forget about the other things that you love. You can manage your time so that you can do both. However, let’s just focus on the group of people who are totally involved in the equine world. Most of these people participate in many important equine events and are involved in several equestrian disciplines. But when we talk about the equestrian world, we should never forget about the farriers because, in fact, they have an important role in the equine world.

All horses deserve good foot care regardless of age or size. Let’s take large horses for example. Even though we tend to describe them as gentle giants, we can only imagine what it’s like to hold that heavy leg and work on its hoof. Actually, it is a very delicate job because it requires extra work and farriers have to be careful not to damage the horse when cutting the hooves.

This is what the following video is all about. A gentle giant draft horse seems to have overgrown hooves and the farrier starts trimming the hooves. Take a look at the following video and do not hesitate to let us know your opinion. Spread the video out to your friend and family on social media too.