Courageous Mother Horse Guards Her Newborn Foal

This video proves that motherhood is the most awe-inspiring emotion in the world. When it comes to motherhood, the mare portrayed in the video is a courageous one.

The moment she notices stallions getting closer and closer to her newborn foal, she pushes them away with her rear legs until they stop. When the stallions kept trying to get closer, the mare’s reaction was the same each time.

The stallions were unable to get within a few feet of each other for a few minutes at a time. When a child is born, a parent’s entire life is devoted to making sure the youngster is healthy and safe.

Unless you are a parent, you can’t truly comprehend what it’s like. Every creature on Earth is bound by this unwritten rule. Be grateful for your parents since no one else in the world can love you as much as they do.

Check the video below!