Little Boy And A Foal Enjoy Their Time Together

Children and animals had always gotten along swimmingly. In fact, it’s difficult to find a better pair than a child and a dog. However, I believe that children should become accustomed to feeling safe around any farm (and not just farm) animal, including horses.

Horses, despite being massive and extremely strong animals, can also be extremely playful and friendly, especially foals. Furthermore, when there is a small human present, baby horses become even more playful. As evidence, this 4-year-old Icelandic boy and his best four-legged friend share a truly heartwarming bond.

Thordur and the foal fell in love at first sight. When the 4-year-old first entered the stable, he couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing the small horse. But it was a mutual feeling!
Despite the fact that the pair appear to be the best of friends, and the images and footage at the bottom speak for themselves, everyone should be aware that a kit should never be around horses (or any other large animal) without a parent (or a grown-up) present.

Check the video below!