Footage Of Brave Horse Protecting His Trainer From Pretending Attacker

Horses can be loyal and protective, as are most companion animals. It is easy to find examples of loyalty in horses because they always try to protect us. This behavior is also common in herds. Humans can act like social animals, but most people are not used to it like horses. Horses do this because they have to do it, and this is them, it’s their duty.



Horses feel danger or negative emotions, so they have the instinct to protect themselves and the people around them, so the video shows that horses think very fast, react to any negative factors that may cause bad, and show your protection. Bite or kick other people or horses around him and his master. If people crowd around you while riding, they can pinch you to protect you or rotate their hips to allow kicks. When they feel danger, they will always run away with our back to protect us. This is often misunderstood as disobedience.



People often panic and don’t understand that some out-of-control horses are trying to protect their riders in addition to saving themselves. This is a group behavior, applicable to your pets, humans, they cannot run as fast as a horse. They can learn to use patience and time to scare/run less. But running with the rider is a high level of protection for the horse, you just can’t see it because you have a different brain and thinking. As long as you are loyal to them, they will also be loyal to you.



Horses have a herd mentality, like to socialize and rely on each other for comfort and protection. When horses are raised, training methods will teach the horses that humans are the leaders of the herd. This leads to a close relationship with humans, and then they learn to trust humans as if humans are part of the group. Their fond memories remind them that we are there to feed and take care of them.



Through careful training, they can recognize cues during training or riding, but in essence, this relationship is an understanding. In the following video, you are going to watch a clear example of how a horse protects the owner from danger. Take a look at the video, let us know your opinion, and feel free to share it with your friends and family.