Hilarious Horse Reaction After Kid Didn’t Give Him Treat

Tik Tok viral video of a horse and a child. A Tik Tok user named @overtime posted a funny video to his Tik Tok account. In the video, a man and a small child are seen feeding a horse behind a fence. They’re feeding grass strands to the horse.

At one point, the child drops the grass from his hand and tries to pick it up again. The horse had bitten his hood and was attempting to pull it up when he stood up. The child’s father, on the other hand, was present and holding the child. Despite the fact that the horse has been demonstrated to be hostile. Neither the father nor the seven-year-old child were concerned. They were having a good time as they laughed through the entire scenario.

The video quickly went viral after this user’s followers interpreted it as a humorous moment. However, some people chastised the boy’s father for allowing the incident to happen.
With over 1.1 million likes and close to 10,000 comments, the video quickly went viral.
On the one hand, the film is entertaining, but it also teaches us about horses.
Horses can smell and feel the presence of people as well as their emotions, according to research on horses and their relationships with humans. How can we make things clearer and easier to understand?
A horse will notice if you make fun of him. A horse can sense when you are thinking about him or others associated with him.

This attitude of horses toward humans influences their behavior, which we label as good or evil.
We also shouldn’t assume that horses are emotionless. Some people may approach you even if you are not in their memory because they have a positive impression of you.
However, we must recognize that horses do not behave and approach in the same way to everyone, and as a result, you should always be cautious when approaching.