Two Massive Draft Horses Show Off Their Strength By Pushing Each Other

We can see in this video how these two wonderful horses act strangely, but what does that actually mean?

Horses’ bodies are very suggestive and can express any emotion or thought they have at the time. To communicate, they use a combination of ear position, neck and head height, movement, treading, or a clogged tail.

Gwynnie decided to first maintain harmony and discipline through body language and gestures, and then, when her partner misbehaved, she changed her body language through physical contact, such as pushing him away with her back, etc., to reflect her emotional state.

They can use body language to avoid potential dangers for themselves and those around them, or they can use the back. These actions are motivated by the animal instinct to avoid harm, unfavorable events, or uncontrollable behaviors.
Horses are very spiritual animals that require sociability because they are herd animals that require constant contact with their fellows in order to maintain strong relationships with them.

Horses, being one of the most perceptive domestic animals, usually live according to their sense of survival. They must be able to detect predators because they can become prey. As a result, horses have highly developed instincts and can run at speeds of up to 88 km/h. They quickly learn what is harmful and what is not so that they do not spend their entire lives fleeing. Their immediate reaction to danger is to run away with a jump that will take them away from the dangerous object/noise, occasionally looking back at the danger but continuing to run as fast as possible.

Gwynnie, the horse, demonstrates that what these animals feel and think is important to them. Their body’s reaction to any external phenomenon is very different, and sometimes strange and strange.

Check the video below!