Lion Father Tries To Ditch His Tiny Cubs In A Touching Footage

Funny things happen all the time in the animal kingdom to cheer you up. Even the most fearless predators, like dogs and cats, can have their moments of silliness. As an example, consider the antics of this magnificent lion, which made the audience laugh heartily.

This adorable, yet hilarious, video shows the world that fatherhood isn’t always an easy task for a lion male. If you look at the way he’s avoiding his duties, you might think it’s the most difficult. After all, the day can be pretty difficult to handle with four restless cubs on the way. Alternatively, you can follow this dad’s lead. The moment, which was captured on a brief video, is reminiscent of a scene from The Lion King in which the merry Simba can’t get enough of his father, Mufasa. Only this time, instead of one, we have four Simbas at our disposal. Isn’t that what they say?

As the video begins, the lion father appears to be in charge of his young charges. In theory, he can keep an eye on them from afar, but he’s hoping for the best. However, in the minds of the cubs, this is not going to be the case, as they are able to keep up with the male even when he is literally fleeing.

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