Horse Protects Rancher From Cows As He Tags Calves

Horses are sometimes very dangerous animals, especially since they can harm others near them. Under normal circumstances, these animals are very kind and gentle, but when they feel that someone is going to hurt them, they become violent. The horse is loyal to its owner, especially when it is loved and cared for, and when its owner provides protection, the horse feels that it must provide protection and security in return.


We can also see this in the video. Even if the cows are not aggressive, the horse will keep some distance from them until the owner finishes the job. For a horse to become your best friend, especially to listen to you, you must take care of it. This includes feeding, cleaning, and brushing, as well as riding with care. Once you are involved in this whole process, you will inevitably become more responsible. And once you try to get him to listen to you, you will inevitably gain more self-confidence than before. This will give you more confidence in yourself and in your relationships with others.


It is said that this horse is one of the oldest and best friends of mankind. Horses have been used to ride and pull carts for hundreds of years. Even today, horses are still part of the most popular animal category. The horse’s protection ability is very strong. Think of a mare and a foal, or a stallion that protects its herd, and so on.



The symbiosis of people and horses must be sincere, honest, and reciprocal. Horses have always helped people work, from plowing the land to transporting goods. Horses have contributed to human status, religion, and sports. Horses also played an important role in the war.



They also show their protection by biting or kicking other horses, even cows, just like our video, they huddled with their riders. If people squeeze around you while you are riding, they can hold you by the protection or rotate your hips to allow for kicks. When they find danger under the chair, they will flee to protect us while we carry them. Take a look at the video, let us know your opinion, and do not forget to share the video with your friends and family!