Hero Shire Horse Brings Stablemate Back To Life

In fact, we’re used to witnessing nice humans rescuing and saving animals’ lives, but it’s not often that we see creatures of the same species assisting and saving each other’s lives. But that’s exactly what happened in the United Kingdom, when a lovely Shire horse named Bea saved the life of a stablemate who was on her deathbed.

They did everything they could and tried every alternative they could think of, but it was all for naught. They even utilized technology to help her get up and across the stable, but Beatrice was still unable to stand.

Beatrice, a 16-year-old shire horse, was diagnosed with colic and collapsed as a result. After her heart rate and blood pressure reached near-fatal levels, the unhappy horse fell from severe stomach discomfort. Her owners tried all they could to get her up and running again, even employing machinery, but all of their efforts were in vain.

After losing all hope, they chose to have her euthanized by their veterinarian to put an end to her critical situation. Beau, another stall horse, had been watching the whole situation unfold and when his owners let him out for some food, instead of going to eat like he usually does, he immediately went to Beatrice and did something quite amazing.

He continued to raise her head and align her in a more upright position. Beau insisted on saving her life when everyone else had given up and succeeded!

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