Horse Surprises A Delivery Truck Driver In A Loving Way

On YouTube, a horse appears to be lost at this point, starving and afraid as it approaches Chip Dodd, the man in a pickup truck, in an apparent attempt to find its way back to its owner. People throughout the world were moved by the generosity of Chip Dodd, a man from Urbanna, Virginia.

The video shows the brown horse with a white line on his head entering the van to serve the meal that the driver has offered. Of course, Chip Dodd was talking about the horse when he said: “He’s ready for pack wrapping, but here’s a glue support along the path.” As well as the woman who recorded this amusing behavior, there is also a woman in the truck who is unsure on what to do next.

According to a comment from a subscriber, the horse says, “I’m not here for tiny feelings, I’m here for the food!” in the films where he appears to be obsessed about Luna Bars, which are manufactured with organic components. According to a previous commenter, “The combo of the funny horse nose in the camera and your grinning at him is really amazing,” horses are curious about everything and their noses are quite tactile. It’s fantastic!

When they finally had to leave the horse behind and continue on their journey, the animal began to follow them as if it had forgotten to thank them for the nourishment they had provided.

An animal doctor is the first person you should call if you find a horse that has left its enclosure or has been abandoned, but you can also notify your local sheriff’s department in the event that a horse is missing or stolen.

Check the video below!