Young Girl Meets Her Friesian Dream Horse In An Emotional Reunion

Actually, most of us have experienced the joy of reuniting with family members we haven’t seen in a long time. You can’t find the appropriate words to express how you feel in those moments, but your expression says everything. One of these heartfelt reunions can be seen in the video below.

The following video shows the story of Amber, a young girl who formed an instant bond with a lovely horse named Seille. They barely got to spend a short time together because her owners chose to sell her when she was on vacation with her family during the summer.

Amber was heartbroken since she didn’t get the chance to say her goodbyes. Seille was up for sale, and she desperately wanted to buy her because she was her dream horse, but she couldn’t afford it. Amber adored Seille and will always remember her for assisting her during a difficult time in her life. Amber wanted to know where Seille was despite the fact that months had gone.

Fortunately, Amber’s mother found her via a Facebook community for Friesian owners and set up an appointment with the new owners. Amber had no idea she was going to see the horse she had been thinking about all this time since she decided to surprise her.

Such a uplifting reunion between the horse and girl. Have a look at the following touching video for more, let us know your opinion and do not forget to spread out the video on social media with your friends and family in order to make their day beautiful too.