Last Scene From “The Black Stallion”, A Superstar In Horse Cinematography

The cinematography during 5-6 last decades has brought a lot of amazing horses movies, maybe way less during the last one that we left behind, however, the other decades have delivered memorable movies that attracted not only horse people, but a lot of non-horsey ones as well. It is also true that a lot of people have found their passion for horses while watching such movies at a young age.

It is indeed true that a movie that you might really like can affect your decision-making about what do you want to do in life and it is really great because it is a way how you can find your passion that you might have not found otherwise. That is why watching movies and reading books is highly recommended.

Especially at a young age when you are in the continuous development of your personality and character. I am really sure that if you look back at the things that you liked to watch on TV during your childhood you might find a lot of linking points between your profession and the specific movie/TVs how that you were watching, However, let’s get back to the horse cinematography and one of the most beautiful horse movies ever, The Black Stallion.


Millions of people cry when they watch the movie scene from The Black Stallion where the black stallion runs at full speed. Tears will start rolling on your cheeks as you watch this powerful scene where the rider tries to stop the gorgeous stallion, but the animal wants to run as fast as he can!

Each horse lover would give anything to have that kind of relationship with a horse, based on unconditional love, trust, and understanding. It is about an amazing established horse-owner relationship. It is a powerful and thrilling ride, and when Alec tried to slow down his stallion, the horse did not listen to him and he was like “I’m going to run no matter what because that’s what I do and what I love the most!”

This scene is one of the most emotional scenes that I have ever seen in a movie and every time I get back to it, I can’t help it but cry. As I said, during the recent decades there are barely successful horse movies out there and I really hope horse cinematography will regain its glory back again.