Haflinger Foal Tries To Play With His Mother A Little Too Much

I’m pretty sure that all horse lovers are familiar with The Haflinger horse, also known as the golden horse with the golden heart. These beautiful horses are recognized amongst all other horse breeds for its rich, beautiful mane,  elegant coats, and kind disposition. They are recognized in the whole world for their unique color and character.

The fact that they are labeled as the “golden horse with the golden heart”, really shows everything you need to know about this breed. Although they are considered small horses, they shouldn’t be mistaken for ponies.

They may have pony bloodline but they are classified as horses and everyone could clearly understand the difference between a normal pony and a Haflinger due to its nature, which is very friendly, kind and can be trained quite well without encountering any problem.

At first glimpse, the Haflinger horse can simply be mistaken for a Palomino horse because they look very similar. That’s due to their brown coat, the cream dots– notable signs of Palomino coloring.  But the real distinction is in the density of its tail and mane.

This breed was produced for a mountain area, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are very easy to keep and manage to be very healthy even with inadequate hay or pasture. In the video below, you are going to be presented to one of the most beautiful and playful Haflinger foals named Strudel. The foal is very energetic and free-spirited.

Check the video below!