Dancing Special Red Friesian Shows Elegance And Beauty

Riding becomes a form of dance when a horse and rider truly connect and understand each other. Fire Magic, the horse featured in this video, is a true dancer. He learned to “dance” his horse in high school dressage. And as one of the “Royal Dancing Friesians” in “The Magical World of Dancing Horses,” he performed magnificently.

Fire Magic is a registered red imported Friesian stallion, which makes him even more special than a talented dancer. Since Friesians are known for their stunning black coats, this is noteworthy. The unusual chestnut coloration of Fire Magic’s coat sets him apart from other Arabian horses.

Friesian horses are said to be the only type of horse that originated in Holland, according to the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FRANA). The Friesian breed has been threatened with extinction numerous times, but the efforts of breeders have kept the species alive. Friesians are now a highly sought-after and popular breed of horse.

In addition to their black coats, Friesians are well-known for their long, thick manes and tails. Leg feathering gives the Friesians a distinct appearance. In the show ring, their high, animated leg action makes them a standout.

Friesians are now used in a wide range of fields. Because of their curiosity and eagerness to learn, they make excellent riding horses and are excellent dressage performers. You can train Friesians to perform higher-level movements than your average horse, thanks to their athleticism. Flemish breeders, on the other hand, also produce showy driving horses. A large number of Friesian owners participate in competitive driving with their horses, but the horses are also excellent options for pleasure driving.

Friesians are not only stunningly beautiful, but they are also incredibly talented, as shown in the film Fire Magic. I can see why this breed has become so popular.

Check the video below!