Woman Hits A Wild Horse But Horse Decides To Take Revenge

Wild horses are beautiful to look at, but they should not be touched. Thousands of people flock to Assateague Island National Seashore every year to see the magnificent wild horses that wander freely on the 37-mile-long island off the coasts of Maryland and Virginia.

However, there are always individuals who break the regulations and endanger themselves and the horses.

The People of the Ocean City Boardwalk Facebook group recently posted a video of a woman striking a wild horse with a shovel. A bay horse was seen rooting around in the woman’s towel as she came from behind, holding a plastic shovel. The horse replied by kicking out with both hind feet after she smacked him on the rear with the shovel.

The woman collapsed in the sand, and the horse resumed his search. Meanwhile, another horse and a baby had joined the first horse and appeared to be interested in something on the towel.

Visitors are not permitted to touch or approach the horses, according to signs. The woman, on the other hand, regained her footing and returned to the horses, shovel in hand.

Check the video below!