Rider Refused To Give Up On A Wild Horse But Now They Have A Powerful Bond

Horses may sound like an exaggeration, but Alycia Burton’s job rescuing “threatening” horses has given her a new outlook on life, according to Free Riding New Zealand. When videos and photos of Burton jumping a horse bareback and bridle-less went viral, she became a household name.

“It’s my job to rehabilitate horses no one else wants to ride or that have serious behavioral difficulties. The results are indisputable “In an interview with Free Riding, Burton says this. In spite of the odds, I’m here to demonstrate that success in the equestrian industry and maintaining a professional appearance need not necessitate financial resources.

“It’s not like I say, “that’s a horse that’s bucked everyone off and is dangerous and has a problem,” when I purchase a horse. My first reaction upon seeing it is to think, ‘Wow, that horse is wonderful.’ When you speak your desires into existence, you will receive exactly what you have spoken “In a video for City Impact Church, Burton states.

She’s come a long way with that outlook. After dropping out of high school when she was just 15, she decided to take a risk. She resigned from her position at a local bank and began working for herself. After school she worked as a horse trainer and rehabilitated animals with behavioral disorders. She resided in a garage where she worked in her spare time.

She now takes these animals she’s trained on training trips all throughout New Zealand. With no formal training methods to fall back on she has developed her talents via direct experience with the horses. It’s obvious that she has a strong bond with the horses she works with.

Check the video below!