Rider Delivers A Unique Horse Show Without Bridle

Natural horsemanship talents and several reining championships have made Stacy Westfall a household name. That she has been able to accomplish these accomplishments without the aid of any kind of restraint is what truly sets her apart in the world of horsemanship.

When Stacy was six years old, she started riding and discovered a lifelong passion for working with horses. Equestrian studies is what she studied at the University of Findlay, and she went on to have a successful and unusual career in the field.

Westfall Horsemanship’s official website states that Stacy’s horse-handling methods are based on a simple technique that she has used repeatedly: to think like a horse and genuinely get inside their heads.

Even though she won numerous prizes and accolades over the years, Stacy’s bridleless freestyle riding victory at the 2006 All American Quarter Horse Congress is what made her a household name. The most moving part of the concert was the tribute to her late father, who had passed away just a month before. After the event, a popular video on YouTube led to an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show with the author.

First-ever female competitor in the Road To The Horse competition, Stacy was victorious against some of the world’s greatest trainers and horsemen. It’s hard to overstate the impact Stacy has had on the reining community, and she’s become a role model for those looking to better understand and connect with their horses while utilizing the least amount of gear possible.

Check the video below!