Wild Mustang Horses Reunite After Being Separated By BLM

26-year-old wild mustang called Goliath was reunited with his mate Red Lady after being apart for six months. The touching story begins in October 2018  when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  captured and rounded up Goliath and other horses, among them even Red Lady. Goliath was sent to a holding facility in Utah while Red Lady was put up for adoption and they had lost hope that they would see each other again.

BLM’s roundups or ‘gathers’ as they call them are used as a way of ‘population control’ to maintain a proper genetic diversity. Many organizations and non-profit sanctuaries, like Skydog, don’t agree with the methods that are used by BLM and are constantly trying to call for action and want to help by fighting for America’s wild horses who are being endlessly rounded up, removed from the land and put in holding facilities or offering them up for adoption.

Skydog, founded in 2016, has made enormous work by reuniting families of mustangs separated during rounds up when it is possible to intervene.  They managed to reunite Goliath and her mate Red Lady, who was at that time carrying his baby foal.

In the touching short movie, it shows the full story from the moment Goliath traveled to Skydog sanctuary, when he was reunited with Red Lady and when finally their Bodhi was born. This movie won the best documentary short film at the Equus Film Festival in New York and it has since then become widely known in the whole world.