White Lipizzaner Stallions Show Their Discipline And Beauty

Is there a horse and pony show that you haven’t been to? The Lipizzaner Stallions of Vienna are in a league of their own.

Trainers and riders work closely with the stunning white horses (who are actually black during their first few years of life) to produce breath-taking performances.

These stallions never fail to surprise with their flawlessly planned movements and spectacular balancing tricks..

A horse’s education begins at a very early age. When they’re 10 years old and have spent six years of training, the horses, which were developed for the Hapsburg Monarchy, begin to perform, according to Viking Cruises.

Origins of this magnificent breed can be traced back to the Renaissance, under the dominance of the Hapsburg monarchy over Spain and Austria. According to the Lipizzan Association of North America, the breed is a mix between the Spanish horse and the Arab Stallions.

Check the video below!