Little Foal Jumps The Obstacles With His Mother Despite The Young Age

In fact, we may always learn new things from older individuals, especially family members who do their best to educate and teach us new things on a daily basis. The reality shows, that is true not only for humans, but also for animals, who do everything in their power to guide and assist the younger members of their herd in learning new skills. One of the reasons why animals are thought to be intelligent and bright is because of teaching their babies how to behave.

You’ll be able to see a foal perform entire jumping dressage in the video below. He’s quite adorable, and I’m confident that after you watch him perform, you’ll agree with what I just mentioned above. Even for older horses, let alone foals, tucking the legs like that is tough, which is why this foal has such great talent.

All of his movements are fantastic, and we have no doubt that this foal has all he needs to become a fantastic jumper. We applaud his mother on a job well done and for taking such good care of him. They create a stunning combination, and it’s incredible to witness them jump and land at the same time.

Their coordination is incredible, and that adorable foal is a treat to behold for any rider. I’m confident that if he receives the necessary training, he will be a wonderful champion in a few years!

Have a look the incredible video below and spread it out to your equestrian friends to show your support for this young foal!